Leadership and culture
Agile team effectiveness
Scale and scope of agility
Organizational model

Our company's leaders trust and empower people rather than commanding and controlling them

Our company's leaders continually prioritize strategic initiatives, stopping low value activities and refocusing resources on the most valuable opportunities

Our company's culture obsessively focuses on customers and adapts to their changing needs

Our culture embraces appropriate levels of risk-taking and ambiguity; people are innovative, excited for change, and eager to challenge the status quo

Our company's agile teams are small (3-9 people), cross-functional, self-governing, close to 100% dedicated, and they collaborate continuously with real customers to build testable prototypes

Our best and most innovative people are eager to work on agile teams and senior leaders encourage them to do so

Our company is shifting its mix of activities and resources to focus more work on innovation

Our company deploys agile teams everywhere we should, and in enough places to significantly influence overall company results

Our operating systems (e.g., IT architecture, production, and go-to-market systems) enable our company to rapidly deploy solutions in a modular way

Our planning, budgeting, and resource allocation processes are frequent and flexible enough to quickly shift resources to our company’s highest priorities

Even those parts of our company not operating in agile teams are embracing agile values and accelerating change

Our company attracts, motivates, and retains sufficient talent to build an agile enterprise and to unclog critical capacity bottlenecks

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Leadership and Culture?Leaders exemplify agility and create a culture that breeds it
Agile Team Effectiveness ?Agile teams adhere to best practices and use supporting tools to drive impressive success
Scope and Scale ?Agile teams are widely utilized, supported by a clear decision architecture
Organization Model ?The organizational model supports agility rather than undermining it
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