My company's strategic planning sets ambitious yet realistic targets, occurs separately from budgeting and receives updates when required due to a changing environment

Finance proactively advises the business on value-creation opportunities based on its thorough business understanding and its insight into my company's performance

Our company has an M&A team that follows a proven model for deal planning and execution, maintains a prioritized list of opportunities and is well informed about high-priority targets (rationale, value, people)

Treasury optimizes our capital structure based on business and investor needs, hedges undesirable risk exposures and continuously monitors and forecasts liquidity

Finance proactively optimizes my company's tax payments by utilizing tax incentives, balancing across fiscal legislation and informing strategic decisions from a tax perspective

Our business units manage risk proactively in their strategic decisions, informed by Finance on the precise nature of risks and on the local risk appetite from a consolidated perspective

Shareholders and capital markets highly value our company's communications and interactions, as reflected in external rankings (Institutional Investor, Extel) or in one-on-one conversations for unlisted companies

Our company actively informs and influences authorities and broader society, and uses deep insights into their needs and agendas to shape strategic decision making

Key processes, especially in accounting and transaction processing, are highly standardized and automated

In roles of critical strategic importance, Finance deploys talent that is among the best in the market

A single database with key financial and nonfinancial performance metrics, defined in a harmonized way that is companywide, underlies our analysis, planning and reporting

What is the cost to perform the Finance function as a percentage of revenue?

Our industry is changing significantly at high speed

My company regularly faces substantial and uncertain investment decisions

Our industry is subject to high financial risk and market volatility (such as interest, FX, commodity prices, leverage, liquidity and coverage risks)

My company aims to optimize its tax structure

My company's plans require access to significant new capital

My company has a complex structure with multiple business units operating in multiple countries

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