Which of the following contribute to the loss of productive output in your organization? Select all that apply.


Considering all the causes of loss of productive output outlined previously, what percentage of productive output is lost in your organization?

There is no loss of productivity in our organization

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    What percentage of your employees would you consider “high performers” (i.e. among the very best available in their industry or field, not just in your organization)?



    In your experience, when your organization has launched a new initiative that was considered critical to business success, how has it approached forming the team to drive such an initiative?


    What percentage of your employees would you consider dissatisfied vs. satisfied vs. engaged vs. inspired?

    Percentages must total 100%

    Dissatisfied: people who feel diminished by their job and association with the organization, will speak negatively to others about the organization, and will leave if presented with another job opportunity
    Satisfied: people who are happy with their work but are not strong advocates for the organization and would be open to leaving if a better job opportunity came around
    Engaged: people who find that work gives them significant positive energy; they are more than satisfied and will speak enthusiastically about their work and their organization with relatives, friends, and customers
    Inspired: people who, because of their work, the organization’s purpose and the relationships with the people they work with, are vocal advocates for the organization and committed to doing extraordinary things to contribute to it
    Total: 100%
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